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Is the current hiring process something you wanted?

When it comes to finding a job, everyone knows the age-old routine: you polish up your résumé, tailor a cover letter to stand out from the other candidates, rehearse interview questions ad nauseam and dress your best, all in the hopes of impressing the recruiter or hiring manager. But, have your ever wondered how all of this actually relates to your skills, or expresses your ability to perform the role? Have you ever thought, “There’s got to be a better way!”

Job Interview

The pain in job hunting

The team behind GeekBidz have been in this position too, and understand the frustration and desperation of waiting to get hired. Today, job seekers are under considerable stress and pressure knowing their chances of getting a job may depend on how their résumé is formatted, or whether the recruiter likes their physical appearance. Worse is the realization that you and your skills are being judged by a recruiter who has little understanding and no experience in the role they are trying to fill. These outdated practices have been proven to not only filter out great, skilled candidates, but to be unfair and potentially discriminatory.

Resources misspent on Recruitment

On the other side of the equation, the hiring process has become a lengthy and costly bureaucratic mass, with companies on average spending over $4000, and 40 days to fill each position. Even though studies suggest that over 85% of job applicants lie on their résumé and others are simply the “best actors” in interviews, remarkably, 75% of hiring costs are still spent on tasks like résumé screening and interviews. Meanwhile, overall retention remains at an all- time low with 46-50% of new hires failing within their first 18 months on the job. So why must companies continue to rely on these traditional hiring practices that are so ineffective, inefficient, and potentially damaging to the organization?

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The Ultimate Solution

At Geekbidz, we believe they shouldn’t have to! We’ve created a unique hiring experience that eliminates the need for résumés, interviews, and even recruiters. At the same time, we’ve eliminated all possibility for bias or discrimination, creating a truly level playing field. Our skill-based hiring platform ranks talent by what matters most, the ability to successfully perform a role, and anonymously pairs the most qualified candidates with the specific skill requirements for each job. It then facilitates the offer and hire process; all at fraction of the time and cost normally required to fill a position.


We believe this is The Way Hiring Should Be.

The Geeks behind the platform


Anthony Kirkwood

Founder and CEO

Anthony is a Technical and Business Strategist whose mission is to create a world where hiring doesn't require recruiters and runaround. After a decade providing technical solutions to a wide range of businesses including Fortune 500 companies, Anthony has witnessed the bureaucratic mass that is the current hiring process.

Fed-up with the status quo, Anthony and Tony aligned with strategic partners to start Geekbidz, a unique hiring platform that eliminates résumés and interviews and therefore all biases. They are positioning themselves to become a disruptive force in the hiring/staffing market.


Tony Latino

Co-founder and COO

A graduate of The Moody College of Communication at The University of Texas, Austin, Tony Latino is a technology sales and marketing veteran with over two decades of representing companies from dot-com startups to tech industry giants like Apple.

Through personal experiences, Tony became increasingly aware of the inefficient, frustrating and sometimes humiliating recruiting and hiring process. He has now teamed up with Anthony Kirkwood to launch Geekbidz, the first fair and open, direct-to-hire marketplace.