16-Year High!

75% of U.S. companies report talent shortages and difficulties in hiring in 2022.

Why are employers struggling to hire and retain employees?

Because current hiring is a time-consuming, biased process of elimination intended to isolate all but the most ideal prospects, and by default, “weeding out” many qualified candidates.


Even after the hire, 50% of all new recruits quit or fail within the first 6 months.

In a recent survey, nearly 3/4 of new hires reported having regret because the job or company wasn't what they expected.


Successful Employment Relationships are not about checking boxes.

Today's employers have never:
  • Done as much hiring.
  • Spent as much money doing it.
  • Done a worse job of it.

Since the 1950’s resumes and interviews have been the cornerstone of recruiting and with the exception of digital automation and the internet, hiring hasn’t changed in over 70 years!

Assessing for "Cultural Fit" is highly a subjective, unreliable predictor of success, and can mask systemic hiring biases and discrimination.


The holistic, end-to-end hiring platform.


Instead of automating the current hiring process, we chose to reevaluate and reinvent the way hiring is done. Our platform finds the common ground between employer needs and candidate expectations providing the greatest chance of lasting hiring success.