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Evaluate A Candidate On-the-job

Is The Best Way To Hire


3 Simple Steps

Fill a position in a few days with controllable minimal cost


Post A Job

Only a few simple steps are needed to create a job posting. Select hard skills and soft skills required for the position.


Our technology will then find you a non-bias list of candidates within a day, who have top correlation scores to your job opening.


Invite A Candidate


An employer can invite a candidate with the highest score to accept an offer.


The employer will be able to extend the offer with bonus and additional salary when inviting candidates to an on-the-job evaluation.


Candidate Accepts Offer


Once a candidate accepts your job offer, you can set him or her up with an on-the-job evaluation.


Once he or she passes the evaluation, the candidate receives the promised bonus. And you have peace of mind knowing this individual can perform in their new role!

3 Simple Steps

Extensive Benefits


Reduce And Fix

Hiring Cost


Increase Employee Satisfaction and Retention


Minimize Vacancy Cost


Eliminate Bias, Discrimination and Lawsuit Risk



Hiring Time



Highly Skilled Professionals

...and numerous other long-term benefits such as higher HR efficiency, lower training cost, increased overall productivity, improved corporate reputation...etc.