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5 Top Ways to Find A Job that Fits Your Skills

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Most job seekers would love to get a job that lets them use their skills to the full. In reality, however, job searchers often end up sending applications for many positions that may not even match their skill sets, then wading through a lengthy job interview process which fails to identify their aptitudes. In the end, the traditional job search often ends in frustration as candidates are either rejected or end up in a role that doesn’t match the candidate’s abilities. In light of these obstacles, how can you ensure you get positions that actually fit your skills?

1. Know your skills

Know your skills - Geekbidz

According to a national panelist at the Society for Human Resource Management quoted in, most job seekers don’t consider what skills they can offer a prospective employer. To get a sense of your own top job skills, think about your current job description and look at your most recent performance review. Also, take stock of your soft skills. What personal attributes, such as interpersonal skills or communication skills, do you have that could benefit you at your job?

2. Read the job description thoroughly

Read the job description thoroughly - Geekbidz

An article in explains that when you submit a job application, you should be able to explain exactly how your skills or experience are suited to the job opportunity. If you aren’t able to adequately explain this in your cover letter or during the interview, you could miss out on a position you might be truly qualified for, so scan each job description to determine what each employer is really looking for.

3. Use recruiting software that links candidates with employers

Use recruiting software that links candidates with employers - Geekbidz

New hiring technology can now utilize artificial intelligence to rank and match candidates with jobs according to their skill sets. This new new hiring tool allows candidates to completely bypass the ineffective job interview process and lets candidates whose skills match with a job move straight to an on-the-job evaluation. If you want to experience the job satisfaction that comes from a position where you can truly utilize your skills, this is an option worth trying.

4. Use the right résumé keywords

Use the right résumé keywords - Geekbidz

Many organizations use electronic applicant tracking systems to search through resumés to find suitable candidates for a position. If you don’t use the correct keywords to identify your abilities, your resumé might be discarded, even if you are the right candidate for the job. Forbes advises candidates to use keywords for your resumé that are up-to-date for your profession (for example, use ‘talent acquisition’ instead of ‘personnel’).

5. Make sure your cover letter highlights aptitudes that fit the job

Make sure your cover letter highlights aptitudes that fit the job - Geekbidz

Choose three skills that match the job description of the job you are applying for. You can find cover letter templates to emphasize your skills, such as this example offered on The Muse.

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