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An Analysis of Traditional and Up-and-Coming Platforms for Finding Jobs in 2021

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Which Job Platform Is Best for Job Searchers?

If you’re looking for a job these days, and especially if you’re looking for ways of finding a job during COVID, the Internet is a natural place to search, especially when all the information you need is only a click away. But searching for a job through the seemingly limitless amount of information on the Internet can be overwhelming. With so many job searching options, which one is the best job platform for finding jobs in 2021? We’ve reviewed three popular and up-and-coming platforms for you.

ZipRecruiter - the most advertised job platform in 2020

ZipRecruiter is a job website where job seekers can find jobs posted by employers to ZipRecruiter, along with jobs from many other job boards. ZipRecruiter is free for job seekers. VentureBeat explains ZipRecruiter uses Artificial Intelligence to allow employers to rate potential job matches, then sends the same job posting to similar candidates in its database. ZipRecruiter is also “using machine learning to inform candidates of new job postings via email and text messages.” The website attracts many job seekers with its AI technology and advertised features.

ZipRecruiter has a 3 / 5 star rating on Consumer Affairs, with several reviewers pleased at their access to many jobs. However, several consumers observe ZipRecruiter directs them to other job websites in order to give them as wide a range of jobs as possible.

You won't have idea what website Ziprecruiter is diverting you to

One reviewer complains, “Every time you’re redirected to a ZipRecruiter competitor’s employment listing on the competitor's website you will have to create another account, fill out ANOTHER resume, and search again for Employment. Is this worth your time?” Job seekers looking for simple, safe and direct job application processes might want to reconsider ZipRecruiter, since users won’t know which website they are being diverted to.

Indeed - the most popular job website for blue collar jobs in 2020

Indeed is another popular job website for job seekers that gives people access to a variety of jobs. Forbes reveals Indeed has also been using Artificial Intelligence.

Filling in skill assesments

Indeed’s AI extracts data from resumes and then compiles the data—including information on skills and experience—to send to recruiters, who can evaluate candidates based on the information. Indeed also offers skills assessment tests for applicants and an interview scheduling tool. Like ZipRecruiter, Indeed is free for job seekers.

On Consumer Affairs, Indeed has a slightly less than 4 / 5 star rating. Some Indeed users report success finding a job through the job board; however, users also report experiencing scam job postings. For some job seekers, the frustrations of encountering false job postings can be so frustrating they outweigh the potential benefits of finding a job on the site. One reviewer writes, “As a jobseeker, I posted my resume on Indeed. Almost immediately I began to receive tons of calls from scammers...

Indeed recruiters ghost job seekers

Almost daily I’m getting calls from recruiters who have made big promises of jobs available only to disappear immediately after getting my "references". Job seekers concerned about the safety of their personal information, being lured by scammers or ghosted by recruiters may want to think twice about using Indeed.

GeekBidz - a new job platform coming out in 2021

Geekbidz is a new direct-to-hire job platform that invites job seekers (called “Geeks” in the GeekBidz system) to participate in an online skills ranking system. It uses AI to quantify and rank the skills of job seekers, then pair employers with the candidate most qualified for their job opening.

GeekBidz byasses the traditional resume

GeekBidz byasses the traditional resume, reference and interview process completely. When a candidate is matched with their job opening, an employer can invite that candidate to an on-the-job evaluation. During the current pre-registration period, GeekBidz guarantees “geeks” free use of the platforms for their lifetime.

Since in the GeekBidz system, job seekers’ identity is secured before they are invited and accepted to an on-the-job evaluation, job searchers who use GeekBidz will not have to contend with scammers asking for references or recruiters who ghost them.

On-the-job evaluation rather than interview

Nor will job seekers be directed to other job sites and asked to repeatedly fill out their resumes again and again.


These days, both old and new job platforms are all using Artificial Intelligence to improve matching between candidates and employers. However, the advantages of these AI-enhanced job websites are often mitigated by the frustrations of having to reformat a resume for multiple different websites, or simply having to fend off seemingly ubiquitous Internet job scammers and recruiters who disappear after obtaining their references. GeekBidz also uses AI, but in a different way: it completely eliminates the traditional steps of submitting a resume and references and giving an interview. The direct-to-hire nature of this job platform makes it an intriguing alternative to the pitfalls of established job search sites. For job seekers looking for another online option for finding jobs in 2021, GeekBidz may be one opportunity worth trying.

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