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Your Skills

should be the reason you get hired

What could be more relevant to your future job performance than the skills you bring to the role

Geekbidz™ believes that your unique skills - those hard-earned through education, work and life experiences -are the best indicator of job compatibility and competency.

A Simple Way To Get Hired Directly

3 Simple Steps to get hired with Skill-based hiring

Fill and rank your experiences and skills in our skill-based hiring system. Once you've completed your profile, our system shows job offers that have the highest correlation to your experiences and skills. You stay anonymous throughout the processes: your gender, race, age, outlook and other parameters that a recruiter can be biased on, are all hidden from the system.

Once you see an offer, you can Like, Accept, or Reject. Once accepted, you'll be directly placed in an on-the-job evaluation. By completing the on-the-job evaluation, you will get the bonus that employer offered to you.

Getting a job should be that simple, easy and bias-free.


Free to use for life-time when you register.


You are on the wave to the next generation of hiring

We need your participation


This is one of the biggest innovations of the era. Like other innovative platforms that changed the "status quo" (e.g. Dropbox, Uber, Airbnb, etc.) they need users in order to launch - Without you, it would have never happened.

If you believe in this new way of hiring, as we do, we invite you to be a part of it. Let's come together. Register now!


**As a compliment to your support, we guarantee you a free life-time use as a pre-registrant.

  • I have Pre-register to get hired without interview and résumé
  • I have Pre-register to get hired without interview and résumé

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