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Self condemnation.

These are 3 of the main emotions most of the job seekers are continuously experiencing.

Are you suffering from them?

In most cases, the problems are actually not with the candidates, but the traditional hiring system itself.

It is broken and employers are taking advantage of it, resulting in racial, gender, age and all possible biases.

Tired of it?

Geekbidz is solving this problem for you.

Does finding a job really have to be this hard?

Bad Actors

Interviews are

heavily influenced

by unconscious biases

Systemic Bias

60% of recruiters believe interview bias is a problem.
Interviewers typically develop an impression of a candidate within a few minutes of meeting them.


Staffing and Recruiting has

become a recruiter-driven

bureaucratic mass and is taking longer than ever


42-days is the average

While some roles can take up to 4 months! 


Many hiring professionals are salespeople working to fill candidate or interview quotas.


93% of applicants reported
being ignored by a potential employers after an interview or being contacted for more information rather than hired.


Business leaders increasingly admit to making poor hiring decisions.

Ineffective Results

83% of Fortune 500 executives do not trust the effectiveness of  their own hiring processess.

Résumé ≠ Skills

Résumé can't truly reveal job skills or predict performance!

The Résumé is Dead

A résumé has a less than  10% correlation to skills.


Low-level recruiters or screeners are making subjective decisions with minimal training.

Black Hole

Only 25% of candidates make it past the initial screening.

The traditional hiring process is broken allowing employers to exploit the system for their own benefit.  As a result, they waste job seekers' time and ruin opportunities with biased résumé screening and interviews.  Job seekers often journey through the entire hiring process only to discover they have been ghosted, have wasted valuable time, and have lost all hope.  


With Geekbidz, we aim to eliminate these exploitable practices and reinvent the hiring process to become fair and bias-free.

  • I have Pre-register to get hired without interview and résumé
  • I have Pre-register to get hired without interview and résumé

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