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Hiring Costs and a Long Recruiting Process.

The Traditional Hiring Process is BROKEN

An Historic High

On average



Companies are Spending
More than ever on
Recruiting costs

Higher Costs

42 Days

Is the average


While some roles can take

up to 4 months!

Weeks to Months to

Fill A Single Position

Longer Hiring Times


Each unfilled Mid-level
position can cost your
company $500/day

At the average 42 days to
fill, that's 

Vacancy Costs

Can Exceed

Lost Productivity

Longer Vacancies

High Turnover

According to the
Bureau of Labor, annual
average turnover rate in
the U.S. is 44%

Employee Satisfaction and Retention Rates are at


Lower Retention


A Hiring Discrimination
lawsuit can cost 

Bias in the Recruiting Process Limits Diversity and Exposes Companies 

to Legal Risk

Discrimination Risk

New Trend

78% believe that
candidate experience 
is an indicator of how a 
company values its

Skilled Professionals are

No Longer Willing to Tolerate a Poor Candidate Experience

Turned Off Talent


An Easy Way to Fix Your Hiring Process


The Way Hiring Should Be

Reduce Hiring Cost by 85%

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